March 15, 2023

How to increase the chances of hiring female software developer

Learn how to increase the chances of hiring female software developers by following our practical guide. Find tips on setting the foundation right and learn about unconscious bias.

In the wake of International Women's Day, we asked ourselves what the current situation is for women programmers in the country. If you're looking to hire a woman software developer in Germany, you may be wondering about your chances of finding the right candidate. According to recent insights from Franziska Hauck, highlighting that women are still underrepresented in the field. While there are significant numbers of women software developers in Germany, particularly in cities like Berlin and Munich, smaller cities and towns may find it challenging to attract and hire female developers, and more needs to be done to encourage women to pursue careers in tech. And then there is also the gender pay gap. However, as with any job search, it's important to approach the process strategically, with an open mind and the willingness to do something different.

Having a diverse workforce in the tech industry is important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it allows for a wider range of perspectives and ideas, which can lead to more innovative and creative solutions. And also a whole new industry, a multi-billion industry, like the example of Ida Tin shows. Furthermore, it can be greatly beneficial for a company's bottom line, as studies have shown that companies with more diverse workforces tend to perform better financially. One reason for that is that diversity is a fertile hotbed for innovation.

Understanding Unconscious Bias

First, let’s talk about an issue, which is easily overlooked: Unconscious bias (also known as  implicit bias or implicit stereotype). Unconscious bias does impact recruitment practices by causing hiring managers to make judgments about candidates based on stereotypes or assumptions, without even realising they are doing so. This can lead to a preference towards certain candidates over others, based on factors such as gender, race, or age. It's important to recognise and combat unconscious bias during the hiring process in order to ensure that all candidates are evaluated fairly and based solely on their qualifications and experience.

There are several ways to recognize and combat unconscious bias during the hiring process. One way is to standardise the interview process, asking all candidates the same questions and evaluating their responses based on clear criteria. Hiring managers can also be trained to recognize and overcome their own biases. Furthermore, it may be helpful to have a diverse hiring team to ensure that multiple perspectives are taken into account during the decision-making process. Also using gender-neutral language in job postings and descriptions can help to reduce bias and attract a more diverse pool of candidates.

Recruitment strategies that can help attract more female candidates 

To attract more female candidates to the German tech market, companies can adopt several recruitment strategies such as partnering with universities, broadening their search and posting job listings on dedicated platforms that cater to women in tech.

Partnering with universities is an effective way to connect with female students who are pursuing degrees in technology-related fields. In Germany, there are several universities such as Technical University of Munich (TUM), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), or RWTH Aachen University that offer programs targeted towards women in tech. Companies can establish relationships with university departments or clubs focused on women in tech to build brand awareness among potential candidates and create pipelines for future talent.

Broaden your search by posting job listings on platforms that cater to women in tech is another effective strategy. Websites such as Women Who Code Berlin, Female Tech Leaders or Digital Media Women have large communities of female technologists, making them ideal places to promote job openings. Posting job listings on such platforms can help attract more qualified female candidates and increase the diversity of your applicant pool. These organisations often have networks of talented women software developers who may not be actively searching for jobs but would be interested if the right opportunity came along.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Workplace culture always played a crucial role in attracting and retaining (diverse) talent. A company's culture can either make or break an employee experience, especially for underrepresented groups like women in tech. Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that values diversity and promotes equality can help attract and retain talented women software developers. It shows that the company is committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels respected, valued, and supported regardless of their gender, race, or background. Additionally, having diverse perspectives within the workplace can lead to better problem-solving and innovation, which ultimately benefits the entire team and company as a whole.

Creating an inclusive workplace culture is crucial for any organisation to thrive. It not only helps in attracting and retaining diverse talent but also boosts creativity and innovation. Here are some strategies that organisations can adopt to create an inclusive workplace culture:

  1. Promote work-life balance: Encouraging a healthy work-life balance can help employees feel valued and supported, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.
  2. Offer professional development opportunities: Providing opportunities for career growth and development can help employees feel invested in their roles and increase their sense of belonging within the organisation.
  3. Foster open communication: Creating an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and concerns can help build trust and promote inclusivity.
  4. Embrace diversity: Celebrating differences in backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and identities can help create a more welcoming and accepting workplace culture.
  5. Provide training on unconscious bias: Educating employees on unconscious bias can help them recognize their own biases and promote more equitable decision-making processes.

Offering flexible work arrangements is also a crucial factor that can attract more female candidates. Many women may be interested in pursuing a career in tech but face barriers such as childcare responsibilities or other commitments. By offering flexible work hours or remote work options, companies can make it easier for women to balance their personal and professional lives while building fulfilling careers in the German tech industry. 

When you think about benefits like these, put in some extra effort to understand what is specifically helpful for women, since they have different needs in certain areas and are grateful, if you think of these.

The role of mentorship programs in supporting female programmers

Mentorship programs play a vital role in supporting female programmers. These programs provide guidance, support, and encouragement to women who are pursuing careers in the tech industry. Through mentorship, female programmers can gain valuable insights into the industry, learn new skills, and build their professional networks.

One of the key benefits of mentorship programs is that they help to address the gender gap in tech. Female programmers often face unique challenges in the industry, such as bias and discrimination. Mentorship programs provide a safe space for women to discuss these issues and receive advice on how to overcome them.

Mentorship also helps to build confidence in female programmers. Many women may feel intimidated by the male-dominated tech industry or may lack self-belief due to societal stereotypes. By having a mentor who believes in them and provides positive feedback, female programmers can develop greater self-assurance and take on new challenges.

Moreover, mentorship programs offer opportunities for networking and career advancement. Female programmers can connect with experienced professionals who can offer advice on job opportunities, career paths, and skill development. This can be particularly helpful for women who may not have access to traditional networking channels or who are looking to break into new areas of tech. In addition, it is helpful if we assume men and women equally in "care work" and take it for granted that both parents split their parental leave 50/50.

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