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What do Linux administrators do?

Linux Administrators are responsible for maintaining, configuring, and troubleshooting a wide variety of Linux systems for businesses or other organizations. Their job duties may include installing and testing software, maintaining system security, monitoring networks, providing technical support to users, creating user accounts and access permissions, implementing backups and disaster recovery protocols, developing automation scripts to simplify tasks, and more. They must be highly knowledgeable of the Linux operating system and have experience working with a variety of software applications and hardware components. 

Linux Administrators typically work within IT departments as part of a team or independently and report to a senior IT manager or supervisor. In some cases, they may also be responsible for managing system updates, researching new technologies and providing training to other users. Additionally, they may be responsible for creating technical manuals and other documentation that can be used to reference common tasks or procedures. This type of job often requires excellent problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, communication abilities, and attention to detail.

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What keeps Linux admins up at Night?

Linux Administrators are responsible for managing and troubleshooting Linux systems and networks, which can create a lot of stress and worry. Security is one of the biggest concerns keeping them up at night, as they must ensure their systems' safety from malicious threats like hackers, data breaches, viruses and malware. 

Maintaining system performance is also often top of mind - ensuring the system is running optimally and that all services are up and available. Troubleshooting can be another cause of stress, as Linux Administrators must quickly identify and resolve any issues in order to keep the system functioning properly. Finally, keeping up with updates and patches for the Operating System is essential to maintain security and performance, and is another worry that may keep a Linux Administrator up at night.

Why are Linux admins in such demand?

Linux Administrators are in high demand due to their critical role in maintaining the stability and security of computer systems. As more businesses and organizations rely on Linux-based operating systems, the need for highly skilled professionals to manage these systems is essential. Linux Administrators must have an in-depth knowledge of the architecture, components, and applications of a Linux system in order to ensure that the system is secure, up-to-date, and running optimally. 

They are also responsible for managing user access permissions, ensuring compliance with software licenses, implementing updates and patches, optimizing performance, and providing technical support when needed. Additionally, Linux Administrators must be well-versed in both traditional command line and modern graphical user interfaces. Thus, the demand for Linux Administrators is likely to remain strong as businesses and organizations continue relying on Linux systems for their day-to-day operations.

Key skills

  • Cybersecurity
  • Networking
  • SQL
  • vi
  • Backup & Restore
  • Hardware
  • Network routers
  • Network firewalls
  • Network switches
  • Cloud Computing
  • Automation
  • Scripting
  • User Account Management

How does alphacoders find qualified Linux administrators?

The German IT industry needs 137,000 new professionals, as the latest Bitkom study from November 2022 shows. This is the highest number since the IT skills shortage has been measured. In the course of technological progress, this number is expected to rise even further. For HR managers, this makes it all the more important to understand what motivates Linux administrators.

In today's business climate, it is more important than ever that companies are able to speak to talent at their level and in their language. In the past, companies could be more selective in choosing their employees - today they have to fight to get the people they want. 

With this in mind, more and more companies are using headhunters to find and target this talent. alphacoders is the recruiter that matches companies with Linux administrators. We have the expertise and connections required specifically for this sub-sector and are therefore the ideal partner for filling vacancies. More importantly, we know what motivates Linux administrators.

Your benefits with alphacoders


Consulting at eye level

Goal-oriented briefing and consulting on an equal footing from start-ups to large digitizing corporations

Large candidate pool

Largest network for developers in the DACH region

Multi channel search

Ongoing development of algorithmized multi-channel search

Tested quality

Superior quality through optimized interview and software-supported selection process

Fast staffing

Swiftness through agile project planning and methodical approach

Experienced recruiters

Credible representation of our partners thanks to recruiters with development know-how

What our partners say about our cooperation

Marco Bofinger
Hr Management - Urban Sports Club

The cornerstone of the cooperation with CareerTeam was an efficient exchange and open, honest feedback. We were very satisfied with their fast and effective search.

Christina Bombeck
HR Managerin - Fundis Reitsport

We have commissioned alphacoders to search for 2 web developers. The challenge is that we are active in a special niche in e-commerce with the topic of equestrian sports and ideally the ideal candidate should also identify with our sport. In addition to good communication and consultation, we jointly implemented an effective hiring process. alphacoders not only managed to attract many women for this position, but we even managed to hire someone with a love for our sport. We were able to fill both positions with alphacoders and would hire them again anytime.

Susanne Hasenstab
Head of HR - WEITBLICK® GmbH & Co. KG

Last year we worked with alphacoders for the first time. The cooperation was characterised by professional and very personal support, as well as profound contacts within our target group. What was special for us was that we were actually only looking for one PHP developer, but because of the but due to the suitable selection of candidates we directly hired 2 developers and that within only 3 months. We would recommend alphacoders at any time.

Gabi Wegner
People & Relations Manager — MOIA

We really appreciate working with alphacoders because they really have a clue about tech and take time to understand who we need for MOIA and for our individual teams.

Jan Thonemann
Abteilungsleiter Forschung / Entwicklung — PROSOZ

Finding the right people is one of, if not the most key component to an organization's success. At alphacoders it's not about quantity, but about quality. Every candidate that is introduced is always worth talking to and we have already found a lot of great colleagues through alphacoders. The short weekly exchange ensure that your ideas are understood and that you are always up to date.

Oliver Kühne
CTO — Monsterzeug

Professional and goal-oriented, I would work with alphacoders again at any time. I've recommended them both internally to other departments and to external stakeholders.

Julius Martini
CEO — TimberTom

We have already commissioned alphacoders twice to support us in tech recruiting and they convinced us with the first candidate for both positions (frontend & fullstack developer). The cooperation was very uncomplicated, at eye level and characterized by direct communication. We are very happy to have alphacoders on our side.

Stephanie Werk
Senior Tech Recruiterin - WERTGARANTIE Group

Together with alphacoders, we were looking for and hired a PL/SQL developer. Thanks to the professional support of alphacoders, we were able to fill the position in a very short time. The fact that we worked very closely with the tech recruiters and that we had the same understanding of the market and the special requirements played a major role in our success. We would recommend alphacoders at any time.

Dr. Janine Nastelski
People & Culture Manager — Webmatch

Very professional, always transparent and honest cooperation. Extremely good understanding of the market including recommendations for action. Completely different approach than classic recruiting agencies.

Ingo Fraedrich
General Manager — Veterinärmedizinisches Dienstleistungszentrum GmbH

When looking for qualified employees, we like to rely on specialists. They know the market and the target group and can advise accordingly. So it happens that we have been working with alphacoders since February 2020 and have been able to expand our development team several times. We have found the right service provider for us

Bianca Potapski
HR Managerin — Soil & More Impacts GmbH

We really enjoyed working with alphacoders, it was a professional collaboration on an equal footing right from the start. alphacoders puts itself very well in the client's position and thanks to the regular agreements it always ran smoothly. We have successfully recruited a senior Phyton developer with alphacoders and would recommend alphacoders to others.

Constanze El Rikabi
Director Human Resources — Ascendis Pharma GmbH

With the help of alphacoders we have succeeded twice in adding the right IT resources to our team. The structured preparation of the candidate search and the alphacoders approach made this possible. In the future, IT recruiting will only run through alphacoders.

Maik Gronau
CEO - GWA Hygiene

alphacoders has become an integral part of our tech recruiting. We have been working together for over 2 years now and have already been able to successfully fill several different positions in IT. As a startup, we very much appreciate the all-encompassing advice from profile sharpening to candidate selection and support in optimising our own internal hiring process. We are very happy to have alphacoders at our side.

Wiebke Ernst-Ringena
Deputy personnel manager

With the help of alphacoders recruiting experts, we were able to successfully fill several challenging roles in our digitalization, IT and purchasing departments. The collaboration was always characterized by very good advice, open communication and maximum transparency. We are looking forward to the next joint projects with alphacoders!

Cornelius Lauritzen
CEO — Glambou

With alphacoders we have found a strong partner for our tech recruiting. The feedback loops were short and efficient. Our company, our tech vision and our requirement profile were quickly understood and implemented. The management of the interview process went fabulous for us as well as for the candidates.

Franziska Mehlhorn
Head of People & Organisational Development — Picdrop

We have been working successfully with alphacoders for some time. What I personally like very much is the uncomplicated and personal exchange, as well as the quick occupation time, which has only lasted an average of 3 months so far. alphacoders understands their trade and we are very happy to have them on our team.

Tihomir Sablic
Head of IT - heyworld GmbH

We have been working with alphacoders for more than 2 years now and have had very good experiences so far. The relationship is characterised by trust, solution-oriented advice and open communication at eye level. Through their input, we have already been able to successfully hire 2 backend developers and also rely on their expertise for further tech positions.

Tobias Schumacher
CTO & Co-Founder — Closelink

Working with alphacoders was our first experience with a recruiter. We particularly liked the transparent communication and the summary of the search in the form of reports and figures. This helped us to better understand the candidate market and gain deeper insights into recruitment from IT specialists. We can recommend alphacoders 100%.

Ralf Fohrmann
Head of Human Resources - prophete

Together with alphacoders, we were looking for and hired a NAV developer. The special thing about this was the complexity of the market situation: it is a very special position with a very narrow pool of candidates and a very loyal target group. We solved it through trusting and effective communication and adjustments to the profile. One key was certainly that we opened up for a fully remote position and were thus able to find and successfully recruit the right candidate.


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