December 6, 2023

IT Recruiting – How can I find the right IT specialists?

In times of skills shortages, it really isn't easy to find and retain specialised IT professionals. We show you how!

DevOps Engineer, IT System Administrator, IT Support, Software Test Engineer, Linux Administrator, Cloud Solution Architect – in times of skills gaps, it really isn't easy to find such specialised IT professionals and then attract them to your company.

Basically, IT recruiting is the highest form of recruiting. It requires a razor-sharp recruiting strategy plus a variety of targeted measures - more so than in other areas of recruitment. Why? The well-known game of supply and demand. The demand for IT experts is huge, and in times of increasing digitisation, this demand is not decreasing.

The foundation for the pillars of employability

Before we look at the specific IT recruitment process, it is first important that we can answer this question: "What makes an IT job attractive?" Good thing we already answered this question in a previous article. After all, our hard work should fall on fertile ground - what good is it if the IT specialists we've worked so hard to find leave directly because we as a company haven't done our homework?

Let's summarise again. We define the attractiveness of an IT job by the four "pillars of employability":

  • Corporate brand: A strong employer brand that emphasises values such as work culture, investment in employees and development opportunities attracts IT professionals.
  • The product: The opportunity to work on meaningful products or services that are important to the company increases the attractiveness for IT professionals.
  • The tech stack: The technologies a company uses for development and operation are crucial. A mix of technologies and a willingness to adapt to the skills shortage can be attractive to applicants.
  • The framework conditions: In addition to salary, factors such as flexibility, work-life balance, home office, remote or hybrid work and mental health programmes are also important aspects of making a workplace attractive.

These factors are crucial for attracting the best IT talent in a highly competitive market. And to retain them. 

You should also check how attractive your company is for female IT experts. Read our article "How to increase your chances of hiring a female software developer" to not only attract more female candidates, but also to learn how to create an inclusive workplace culture. Because we all know that diversity through inclusion is the best breeding ground for innovation.

Active Sourcing meets Tech Communities

Right, now it's time to get down to business - with active sourcing, but the right way! As a recruiter, you know this tech recruiting method only too well. You also know that these IT professionals don't need to read job adverts. And they don't. You are very literally hunting.

That means you need to know the hunting grounds of the IT industry - it's not enough to try your luck on LinkedIn or Xing alone. We're talking about networks and tech communities like:

Programming language and framework-related communities 

  • Programming language communities (JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc.)
  • Framework communities (React, Ruby on Rails, .Net, etc.)

Communities for specific industries and technology trends

  • Kaggle Community (Data Science)
  • Google Developer (Google technologies) 
  • Microsoft Community Hub (Microsoft technologies)

Local and regional tech communities

  • Especially cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg etc.

Online platforms and social networks for tech experts

  • Stack Overflow
  • Reddit (Subreddits)
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Hacker News

Bildungs- und Forschungseinrichtungen als Community-Hubs

  • Universities
  • Professional institutions
  • Bootcamps

You can also read our comprehensive article on this: 

Tech recruiting: A community approach for employers

Communication is key

Spotted some potential talent? Congratulations at this point. But we're not there yet. Now it's time to approach potential applicants correctly, authentically and at eye level. Communication is a universal skill that has always shaped relationships between people. It has become clear that Generation Z in particular has become a challenge for companies, IT recruiters and employees. On the other hand, this generation is also completely "digital native", meaning that they don't know any time without the internet.

We have also dedicated ourselves intensively to this topic: "Tech talent wanted: How to successfully appeal to Generation Z". Here is a quick overview to give you an overall picture of this generation. We also highly recommend that you study this article in detail. After all, understanding this makes it easier to communicate and work successfully with this generation. Of course, this applies to every generation and ultimately to every person.

1. Backstory of Generation Z

Growing up in a time of change and characterised by digital technology, members of Generation Z often show anxiety and look for stability and security. They are active on social media and value direct communication.

2. Effective communication channels

  • Social media: Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn are particularly popular.
  • Mobile-optimised websites and apps: Emphasis on aesthetics, fast loading times and short processes.
  • Video content: Storytelling and authentic insights into everyday working life.
  • Influencer marketing: Careful selection of influencers that match the corporate culture.
  • Personalised communication: Individual approach and content.
  • Events and cooperation with educational institutions: Direct contact via career fairs, lectures and workshops.

3. Strategies for attracting young tech talent

  • Employer branding with a technology focus: Emphasising professional development and involvement in innovative projects.
  • Online presence and social media strategy: Relevant content and insights into technical projects.
  • Technical challenges and competitions: organisation of coding competitions and hackathons.
  • Career fairs and networking events: Personal contact and presentation of the company.
  • Flexible working models and corporate culture: Offering flexible working hours and promoting an inclusive culture.

4. What Generation Z wants

  • Meaningful work: contribution to a positive purpose and sustainability.
  • Flexibility and work-life balance: adapting work to individual needs.
  • Technology and digitalisation: state-of-the-art technologies and tools in the workplace.
  • Training and development opportunities: continuous learning and professional growth.
  • Diversity and inclusion: valuing a diverse workforce.
  • Authentic communication and feedback: Open and transparent communication.
  • Sustainability and social responsibility: Commitment to environmental protection and social sustainability.


In short, there is a good chance that the IT specialists you are looking for are out there. You need a tech recruiting strategy with sophisticated active sourcing, a keen sense for the right networks and communities and the ability to communicate authentically, directly and emphatically with these IT experts.

As IT recruiters, we at alphacoders offer this complete package and have established ourselves in highly specialised IT industry networks and communities over the years. When time is a factor, we are the fastest way to reach your goal in terms of IT recruiting.

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